Received: 05th July 2023; Revised: 04th December 2023; Accepted: 05th December 2023


  • Ainur Azatbakyt Ph.D. Candidate, Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan


Story, Analysis, M. Auezov, Teaching


The article discusses the creative skills and writing talent of M. Auezov, who has become an honorary name in the world. The works of the writer M. Auezov, who rose to the world level with his first stories in the twenties, raise a problem common to all mankind. The first stories, which raised the issues not only of one nation but of all mankind, were distinguished by the artistic and ideological basis of  the issues raised. From this point of view, the ways of teaching the artistic and ideological features of the first stories and short stories of the writer in higher education are considered. It collects literary analysis and methods based on best practices and offers effective methods. Demonstrates the effectiveness of the widespread use of the "anthropocentric" paradigm in the study of M. Auezov's fiction. Analyzes the importance of using the writer's method of realistic description when teaching the story "An Orphan’s Lot" based on paradigms in different ways used in modern education. Analyzes the experience of M. Auezov's large-scale and artistically ideologically large-scale story "The story of Karash-Karash"  in the use of expressive reading, role-playing, problem situations, question-answer, dialogue platform, research conversation, etc. The author emphasizes the importance of  M. Auezov's works in the upbringing of children in  modern education system.


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